Loving God . . .  Loving Others


Finding a church home used to be a fairly straight-forward process. 
One would look around the community for a church within one’s denominational tradition, attend worship services for a couple of Sundays, and request a membership transfer.


The landscape has changed dramatically over the past few decades when it comes to churches.  Worship styles, opportunities for service, and educational opportunities vary widely from congregation to congregation. 


We invite you to explore our website – take a look at this snapshot of our congregational life, and see if Bethany Evangelical Church might be the place for you and your family to put down your spiritual roots.


Jesus called his followers into a mission with him.  He showed people, through his acts of compassion and his proclamations of truth, the love and grace of his Father.  We believe that all followers of Jesus should not only seek to develop character like his, but also to engage in a mission like his.  To this end, the members of Bethany Evangelical Church seek to show Christ’s compassionate love to the needy and to share the story of God’s grace with everyone around them.



"Serving our world with a passionate devotion to Christ"



Order a copy of Pastor Paul's book:

Leading Missional Change

(features the story of Bethany Church in chapter 2)




03.24.15 Tuesday

6:00 PM Easter Program Rehearsal

"In Christ Alone"

7:00 PM Prayer and Praise Meeting


03.29.15 Sunday

Palm Sunday

NO Discipleship Class

10:10 AM Worship and Junior Church

Teaching:Pastor Paul

Luncheon and Children's Easter Egg Hunt

6:00 PM Refuge Youth


03.31.15 Tuesday

6:00 PM Easter Program Rehearsal

"In Christ Alone"




Good Friday Communion Service




NO Discipleship Class

10:10 AM In Christ Alone  Easter Program


04.07.15 Tuesday

7:00 PM  "NOT A FAN" video & discussion


04.12.15 Sunday

9:00 AM  Discipleship Class

10:10 AM Worship and Junior Church

Teaching: Pastor Paul
6:00 PM Refuge Youth