Silent Saturday

Today is the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. Today is the day of silence, of suspense, of shock. Imagine for a moment that you were one of Jesus' disciples who had followed Him throughout His earthly ministry. Imagine the shock you would feel seeing this man you had put your hope and trust in hanging lifeless on the cross. Imagine the flood of emotions that would wash over you.

Many of us have lost loved ones. Many of us have felt the pain of losing someone close to us. In fact, I can still remember when I lost my granddad. I can remember the pain and sadness of watching him decline. I can remember the tears I shed when he passed. But, I can also remember the shock and disbelief that defined the next day. I can remember thinking that it was all a dream. I remember hoping that it wasn't true. I remember being unable to express how I felt.

That is where Jesus' disciples were on this day 2000 years ago. They had just lost someone they loved dearly. They had just lost someone who meant the world to them. They had just lost the One they had devoted their lives to. They had just lost their leader and savior.

While I may never know for sure, I imagine that while Friday was filled with tears and sadness, Saturday was spent in silence and shock. I imagine it was filled with disbelief and doubt. I imagine it was a silent Saturday.

So this Saturday, spend some time in silence. Spend some time considering what the disciples must have felt. Spend some time reflecting on the cross. But do so remembering what tomorrow is. Today may be filled with shock and sorrow, but tomorrow will be full of joy and victory.

Psalm 30:5b, "Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning."



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